All Time NFC East 45 Man Roster

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Part of a series.  Previous post is here.

QB Roger Staubach
      Troy Aikman
      Donovan McNabb
RB Emmitt Smith
RB Tony Dorsett
      Tiki Barber
      Wilbert Montgomery
WR Michael Irvin
WR Art Monk
       Harold Carmichael
       Charley Taylor
TE Jerry Smith
      Jason Witten
C Len Hauss
G Larry Allen
G Nate Newton
T Rosey Brown
T Ralph Neely
     OL Joe Jacoby
     OL Rayfield Wright
     OL Flozell Adams
DE Michael Strahan
DT Rob Lilly
DT Randy White
DE Reggie White
     DL Too Tall Jones
     DL Andy Robustelli  
     DL Harvey Martin
OLB Lawrence Taylor
MLB Lee Roy Jordan
OLB Chris Hanburger
     LB Chuck Howley
     LB Harry Carson
     LB Sam Huff
     LB Chuck Bednarik
CB Darrell Green
S Brian Dawkins
S Jimmy Patton
CB Mel Renfro
    DB Cornell Green
    DB Emlen Tunnell
    DB Ken Houston
    DB Cliff Harris
PK Rafael Septien
P Sean Landetta

QB - If McNabb had more Redskin value he'd go by Aikman and isn't far behind Staubach.  Phil Simms just gets edged out by McNabb and I wouldn't object to flipping him into that third spot.
RB - No question at all until the 4th spot; Larry Brown/Brian Westbrook compete for it.
WR - No question about the starters, Drew Pearson is in a fight with both backups.
OL - Another half dozen guys in contention for that last OL spot; Erik Williams might have been better than Adams.
DL - Pugh/Mann/Butz/Katcavage all have good arguments for that last DL spot.

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