All Time Detroit Lions 53 Man Roster

Friday, July 1, 2011

Part of a series.  Previous post is here.  Updated through end of 2016 season.

QB Bobby Layne
     QB Matthew Stafford
     QB Greg Landry
RB Barry Sanders
RB Billy Sims
     RB Doak Walker
     RB Altie Taylor
     RB Dutch Clark
WR Calvin Johnson
        Herman Moore
        Johnnie Morton
        Gail Cogdil
        Brett Perriman
TE Charlie Sanders
    TE Jim Gibbons
C Kevin Glover
G Harley Sewell
G John Gordy
T Lou Creekmur
T Lomas Brown
    OL Dominic Raiola
    OL Alex Wojciehowicz
    OL Jeff Backus
    OL Keith Dorney

DE Darris McCord
DT Alex Karras
DT Doug English
DE Robert Porcher
   DL Ndamukong Suh
   DL Roger Brown
   DL Larry Hand
   DL Luther Elliss
   DL William Gay
OLB Wayne Walker
MLB Joe Schmidt
OLB Paul Naumoff
   LB Chris Spielman
   LB Mike Lucci
   LB Charlie Weaver
   LB DeAndre Levy
   LB Mike Cofer  
CB Lem Barney
S Yale Lary
S Jack Christiansen
CB Dick LeBeau
   DB Jim David
   DB Night Train Lane
   DB Bennie Blades
   DB James Hunter
   DB Mike Weger
PK Jason Hanson
P Pat Studstill


Blog said...

I think your inclusion of Mitchell needs more justification. Danielson had a longer career and a higher QB rating.

Blog said...

Not to mention ranking Murray above Hansen is also highly questionable...

Jim said...

QB is close for that last spot.

Mitchell started more games than Danielson. Threw for more touchdowns. Had fewer picks. Danielson's yards/attempt is a tick better, but when you do the advanced metric, adjusted net yards/attempt, they wind up exactly the same, as essentially average quarterbacks. Danielson was more valuable with his legs. It's a six of one, half a dozen of the other situation.

Hanson was better. I'm going to make that change.

DennisVee said...

I think you meant 'Roger' Brown instead of 'Robert'. I might have picked Mike Cofer and Stephen Boyd over Weaver and Fantetti for the final LB spots. And I don't think Terry Barr really spent that much time playing defensive back -- maybe James Hunter instead? I would also leand toward Yale Lary over John Jett at punter...

Jim said...

Yup on Brown. Porcher was right above and there's the error. Meet you halfway on the linebackers and sub in Cofer. Barr's really there as a kick returner, in my on again, off again search for return guys, but Hunter makes more sense. I've got Lary on the roster already.

Charles Weaver said...

Stats prove Weaver belongs on list....I am biased on that though

Charles Weaver said...

Weaver belongs on list. Stats prove that!

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