All Time Atlanta Falcons 53 Man Roster

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Part of a series, previous post is here. This is updated through the 2016 season.

QB Matt Ryan
      QB Steve Bartkowski
      QB Michael Vick
      QB Chris Chandler
RB William Andrews
RB Warrick Dunn
      RB Jamal Anderson
      RB Gerald Riggs
      RB Michael Turner
WR Roddy White
WR Julio Jones
     WR Alfred Jenkins
     WR Terance Mathis
     WR Andre Rison
TE Tony Gonzalez
     TE Alge Crumpler
C Jeff Van Note
G Bill Fralic
G RC Thielemann
T Mike Kenn
T Bob Whitfield
     OL Todd McClure
     OL Justin Blalock
     OL Tyson Clabo

DE Claude Humphrey
DL Jonathan Babineaux
DE John Abraham
     DL Jeff Merrow
     DL Mike Gann
     DL Patrick Kerney
     DT Mike Lewis
     DL John Zook
     DL Chuck Smith
OLB Greg Brezina
ILB Jessie Tuggle
ILB Keith Brooking
OLB Don Hansen
    LB Tommy Nobis
    LB Fulton Kuykendall
    LB Buddy Curry
    LB Joel Williams
    LB John Rade
CB Deion Sanders
S Scott Case
S Ray Brown
CB Rolland Lawrence
    DB Bobby Butler
    DB Tom Pridemore
    DB Ken Reaves
    DB Ray Buchanan
    DB Kenny Johnson

PK Matt Bryant
P John James

QB - These guys and in this order without dispute; Matt Ryan and Chris Miller round out the top 5; Ryan's got several years before challenging Bartkowski. And those years are up.  He's number one. 

RB - Andrews, without question, is the best back in Falcon history (this is a good group).  The other 3 had very similar careers (Dunn, of course, had a Tampa career beyond this) such that they could be slotted in any order really.  Turner's running on fumes, but after 2012 he's a year away from maybe going by Riggs.   

WR - There isn't anyone close to breaking the receiver quarter either; Rison is the backup, the other three could be ordered in any way one might see fit, but as White's got more Falcon career left, I'm cool with this ranking.  After 2014, Jones is right on the edge of the list. After 2015, he's a starter.

TE - I just flipped Mitchell and Crumpler in doing this edit.  Gonzalez takes the top spot after 2013.  

OL - Good starting five and McClure, the top backup; Hinton or Dukes could take that 8th spot.

DL - Humphrey's the top Falcon DLineman; the next eight guys could largely be swapped in and out.  

LB - Tuggle and Brooking are so strong they keep Nobis on the bench; John Rade could take one of the last two spots.  

PK - Bryant is knocking on Andersen's door after 2015.


Anonymous said...

Michael Turner over Warrick Dunn IMHO.

DennisVee said...

Hard to contest any of these choices... If Turner had had a better 2012, I could see him bumping Riggs or Anderson, but that point is now moot....
I could see Travis Hall or Chuck Smith as DL reserves, but they were no better or worse than the players listed.... same could be said of LBs Al Richardson, Joel Williams, Tim Green or John Rade (who you already mentioned).

It's weird... I've never been a Falcon fan, but some of my favorite players growing up were Falcons -- I loved Fulton Kuykendall's Chuck Cecil/Andre Waters body-launch approach to tackling... it probably cost him some injury time during his career though... Scott Case was another guy who could blast people. How many guys did he lay out in his career (many of them 25-50 lbs heavier than himself). And William Andrews was such a complete back... without the nagging injuries, he could've been an all-time great...

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