TBOR Athlete of the Month - February, 2011 +2003 Athlete of the Year

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

January is here.

Aaron Rodgers.  Runners-up: LeBron James, Trevor Bayne, Marshon Brooks

Not a tough decision this month.  Rodgers joins January's winner, Nick Fairley, in the race for 2011 TBOR Athlete of the Year.

In 2003, the Athlete of the Year was Lance Armstrong.  He also won the AP Award.  That's true pretty much every year in this stretch.

January: Warren Sapp (Kellen Winslow, Rich Gannon, Serena Williams)
February: Kobe Bryant (Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Michael Jordan)
March: Roy Jones (Keith Bogans, TJ Ford, Dwyane Wade)
April: Carmello Anthony (Diana Taurasi, Jean Sebastien Giguere, Tracy McGrady)
May: Tim Duncan (Jason Kidd, Annika Sorenstam, Kenny Perry)
June: Annika Sorenstam (Arturo Gatti, Martin Brodeur, Albert Pujols)
July: Lance Armstrong (Serena Williams, Barry Bonds, Bill Mueller)
August: Albert Pujols (Dontrelle Willis, Gary Sheffield, Alex Rodriguez)
September: Shane Mosley (Andy Roddick, Jamal Lewis, Michael Schumacher)
October: Josh Beckett (Ivan Rodriguez, Dante Hall, Mariano Rivera)
November: Jason White (Larry Fitzgerald, Mike Williams, Ray Lewis)
December: Jamal Lewis (Ben Roethlisberger, Peyton Manning, Priest Holmes)

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