I Pick Every NFL Game in 2010 - Week 17

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last week is here.  My college bowl picks are here.  I won the fantasy title in one of my 3 $ leagues this year; my only fantasy title of the entire calendar year - I was in the title game in all 3 leagues, which isn't a bad achievement; I won and lost one of the games fairly handily, I had a lead in the third game all the way until the 4th quarter Tuesday night, but my opponent had both Vick and Peterson and their touchdowns moved him right past me.

Season record:
ATS:  113-106-7
SU:  143-83

Carolina +14.5 Atlanta (Falcons win game) loss/win
Browns +6 Steelers (Steelers win game) loss/win
Minn +3 Detroit  loss/loss
Oakland +3.5 KC (chiefs win game) win/loss
Miami +4 NE (Patriots win game) loss/win
Bucs +7.5 NO (Saints win game) win/loss
Jets -2.5  Bills win/win
Bengals +9.5 Ravens (Balt wins game) win/win
Houston -.5  Jax win/win
Redskins +4 NYG (Giants win game) win/win
Dallas +7.5 Eagles (Eagles win game) win/loss
Titans +10 Colts (Colts win game) win/win
Bears +10 GB (Packers win game) win/win
Arizona +6 Niners (Niners win game) loss/win
Denver +3.5 SD (Chargers win game) loss/win
Seattle +3 StL win/win

Final Record: ATS 10-6, 123-112-7
                            SU: 12-4, 155-87

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