I Pick Every NFL Game in 2010 - Week One

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My preseason picks, if you're interested, are here.

Last year, I picked every game against the number - it didn't go as well as my picking the college games did. My inclination this year will be to pick every game straight up in this space, as time just doesn't allow me to do anything but guess, really, at the NFL lines. I'll do both in week one to keep the option open.

I'm going to lean on trends in Week 1 in a way I won't do by about Week 4-5 when there are some numbers to look at for this season. When my point spread winner differs from my straight up winner, I'll indicate.

Vikings +5 Saints (NO wins game) (push ATS, win SU)
Dolphins -3 Bills (win/win)
Lions +7 Bears (Bears win game) (win/win)
Titans -6 Raiders (win/win)
Bengals +4.5 NE (Pats win game) (loss/win)
Giants -6.5 Panthers (My suicide pick)  (win/win)
Steelers +2 Falcons (Falcons win game) (win/loss)
Bucs -3 Browns (push/win)
Broncos +2.5 Jags (Jax wins game) (loss/win)
Colts -2 Texans (loss/loss)
Rams +4 Cards (Arizona wins game) (push/win)
Pack -3 Eagles (win/win)
Niners -3 Seahawks (loss/loss)
Redskins +3.5 Dallas (Cowboys win game) (win/loss)
Ravens +2.5 Jets (win/win)
Chiefs +4.5 Chargers (win/win)

ATS: 9-4-3
SU: 11-5

I finished with a total of 3 fantasy leagues - I might talk about the last two drafts in Sunday's Tendown; I don't have any Vikings or Saints in any of my 3 leagues, so I don't have start/sit needs tonight.

Enjoy the season.

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