Half up. Nine left.

Friday, September 24, 2010

That's Juan Uribe, he hit two homers in the 2nd inning last night.

Half a game up.  Nine to go.

We haven't given up more than 3 runs in our last 17 games; the greatest stretch for any team since 1917. Our ERA this month is one and a half. 

Our odds to make the playoffs are 63+%; Colorado may whip us this weekend, but their season ended in Phoenix.  The race is 3 teams for two spots.  San Diego's winning the WC gets us the Reds in the first round; our beating out the Reds for second best record would get us the Braves in the first round, were they to win the WC.  The other configurations would give us the Phils, and let's put that off if we can.

Our pythag has hit 89 wins.  13 teams in SFG history have had 90 pythagorean wins. 

The weekend matchups:

Lincecum v. Chacin
Zito v. Hammel
Cain v. De La Rosa

We don't have enough at bats against Chacin to mean anything, although Posey's 2-2. 
Huff and Sanchez have good records against Hammel; Uribe does not.
Sanchez and Ross have hit De La Rosa well; Sandoval, Rowand, Renteria have not. 

It's too bad we're missing Aaron Cook  The numbers are significant:

Burrell - 15 of 24
Fontenot - 4 of 13
Huff - 3 of 8
Ishikawa - 6 of 8
Posey - 3 of 5
Renteria - 8 of 20
Ross - 4 of 12
Rowand - 7 of 20
Sanchez - 3 of 9
Sandoval - 6 of 14
Schierholtz - 4 of 7
Torres - 2 of 6

The other way - Helton and Iannetta has really hit Lincecum well, but he might be able to cool off Tulowitzki
Zito has a really impressive record against the Rox, other than Gonzalez, who is 6-16, he has owned that entire roster.  Barmes, Iannetta, Stewart, Tulowitzki, Young - all hitting under .200 with double digit at bats.  There might be a little value in investing in Zito Saturday night. 
Tulo and Spilborghs really hit Cain well; he owns Gonzalez and Helton. 

There's been a change in the WARP3 leaderboard, Wainwright's still got both my Cy and MVP votes in the NL (although Tulowitzki, who just yesterday I named Athlete of the Month, is charging hard at the tape for MVP) but Longoria and the first half WARP leader Cano have passed the idle Hamilton for MVP in the AL. King Felix is still your AL Cy winner.

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