2010 College Football Top 25 Preseason Prediction

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Trojans kick off Thursday night.  So here we go.

1. Boise St. (they got one first place vote in the AP poll; no, I am not that vote)

2. TCU (I essentially see Boise and TCU as interchangeable; I like one of them to run the table, the other one to lose one, win their bowl game, and finish second)

3. Ohio St. (number two in both major polls; I'd argue they're the most talented team in the country)

4. Florida (I think of Florida, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma in a lump one could re-order in any way one liked; I was surprised Bama got the top spot in both polls given how similarly I see them)

5. Alabama

6. Texas

7. Oklahoma

8. Virginia Tech (my lowest ranked team that I wouldn't be surprised if they won the title)

9. Oregon (their over/under is 9 wins; if you do worse than push betting the over that would be a surprise)

10. USC (14th on the AP poll, not eligible on the coaches poll; they won't get any poll breaks this season, but I think we win ten games)

11. Nebraska

12. Penn St. (why 19th on the writers poll?  9 win team, right?)

13. BYU (biggest disparity between my rankings and the other polls; BYU and Texas Tech are unranked by both writers and coaches - BYU over/under is 8 wins, that's a number I like - I don't love any of the win/loss numbers, except maybe..maybe USC since we play 13 games and the number is below 10, but I understand that number. I'm not advising mortgaging anything)

14. Texas Tech

15. Wisconsin

16. Iowa

17. West Virginia

18. Clemson

19. Cincinnati

20. Boston College

21. Pitt

22. Utah

23. LSU

24. Georgia

25. Houston

There are a few season win totals that you should consider.

Oregon (over 9)

Florida St (under 7.5)

Texas A&M (under 7)

Michigan (under 7)

BYU (over 8)

USC (over 9.5)

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