The 100 Greatest Players in Professional Football History 70-61

Thursday, September 23, 2010

You can get to the previous posts here. 

NFL Network's next ten comes out tonight; I get the jump, as I do each week, with my next ten.  I'll edit in their choices for comparison.

70.Curtis Martin RB 95-05 Jets

-100 career TD, over 100 yds/game career avg. combined rush/receiving. (NFL Network takes Marshall Faulk - still to come on my list)

69.Terrell Owens WR 96-  Niners

-Middle Name – Eldorado. If Cosell were still alive you’d know that. He’s gonna score his 150th career TD in 2010. (Bobby Bell - one of my very last cuts)

68.Len Dawson QB 57-75 Chiefs

-Top comp is Bledsoe – third is Jim Hart, who deserves a higher level of esteem than in which he’s held by the football public. (Mike Webster, not far away on my list.  NFL Net just told me it was through tough battles with his teammates that Webster was "forged" - would a similar story about any baseball player confirmed for steroid use be able to get away with using similar language, that it was tough battles that made turned him into a great player, without howls of derision?)

67.Tom Brady QB 00- Patriots
-He hits 35,000 yards passing for his career at the end of the 2010 season; if you tell me Brees and not McNabb should have been that QB ranked in the 90s, I don’t have a great argument that you’re wrong. (Kellen Winslow - another of my very last cuts, he'd be in the top 120)

66.Mike Haynes DB 76-89 Patriots/Raiders

-Top comp is Champ Bailey; of the active guys not on the list, he’s just behind Brees. (Willie Brown - still to come on my list.)

65.Ken Houston DB 67-80 Oilers/Redskins

-second highest ranked safety on the list (Randy Moss - still to come on my list)

64.Rickey Jackson LB 81-95 Saints

-He makes it over his top comp Buoniconti (Herb Adderly - still to come.)

63.Darrell Green DB 83-02 Redskins
-Eric Allen and Ken Riley would make the next hundred. (Jim Otto - still to come.)

62.Mike Webster OL 74-90 Steelers

-Hard not to put so much emphasis on Super Bowls, or if that’s even a good goal – but Webster’s two top comps are Jim Otto, who is much higher on the list – and Russ Washington, who is nowhere near the list. Guess which two won Super Bowls? That’s why I prefer baseball, I have no problem saying Bobby Grich was a better middle infielder than Derek Jeter. (Randy White - wait for it...still to come.)

61. Forrest Gregg OL 56-71 Packers
I'll be back in a week with my look at the next ten. (LT2 - who appeared ten spots ago on my list.)

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