TBOR Athlete of the Month, January 2010 (Plus The 1990 Athlete of the Year)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Peyton Manning.
Runners-Up: Chris Johnson, Kurt Warner, Derrelle Revis

Manning is the first of what will be 12 contenders for the 2010 TBOR Athlete of the Year.

There was no Blog of Revelation in 1990 - but there was an Athlete of the Year.  I think the way I'll roll out the archives is to attach them to these monthly posts.

Here was 1990.  Runners-up for each month are in the parenthetical.  Some of these choices will be poor; in my own defense, access to information and good analysis was limited back in the dark ages and I would assume I limited myself to games actually observed and what I was able to snatch from The Sporting News.  For comparison, I'll include the AP Male Athlete of the Year as well.

Athlete of the Year: Joe Montana (AP-Montana)
January: Joe Montana (PT Willis, Mario Lemieux, Jerry Rice)
February: Buster Douglas (Mark O'Meara, Derrike Cope, Lionel Simmons)
March: Bo Kimble (Akeem Olajuwon, Susan Butcher, Stacey Augmon)
April: Nick Faldo (Mark Langston, Barry Larkin, Dave Stewart)
May: Michael Jordan (Craig Perret, Cecil Fielder, Jari Kurri)
June: Monica Seles (Randy Johnson, Nolan Ryan, Hale Irwin)
July: Greg Lemond (Martina Navratilova, Betsy King, Nolan Ryan)
August: Leroy Burrell (Alex Cole, David Justice, Jose Maria Olazabel)
September: Ty Detmer (Pete Sampras, Howard Griffith, Bob Welch)
October: Billy Hatcher (Rickey Henderson, Dave Stewart, Evander Holyfield)
November:  David Klingler (Derrick Thomas, Bernard King, Larry Bird)
December: Warren Moon (Mike Tyson, Kenny Anderson, Charles Barkley)

Unrelated - a spending freeze won't create jobs.  And if what we'd like to do is reduce the deficit, I have a couple of ongoing wars in the middle east I could suggest come to an end. 


Mark said...

Jim, I know you haven't been overly engaged by soccer throughout the time you've been deciding upon your Athlete of the Month so I'd be happy to fill in some soccer blanks as we go.

July 1990 - Lothar Matthaus

Jim said...

Lothar? Of the Hill People?

(see, what's funny about that is I don't know the name Lothar other than a two decade old SNL skit. It's a multi-level joke/slur on the fine people of the Hill. I should really get out of the country more.)

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