My College Bowl Lock.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

If you followed my college football picks this season, you'll know that for the bulk of the year I had really incredible success, and was perfect in making my "lock of the week" pick for the first two months of the season.

I stumbled down the stretch, but still finished 19 games over .500 overall and strongly over in my weekly locks. 

I picked every bowl game this year, including some totals - I'm only 1 over .500 going into tonights game; I picked the under and Alabama giving 4 tomorrow night.

But tonight is my lock of bowl season.  Central Michigan -3 over Troy (it's up to 3 1/2 now). 

I like it a lot, if I were on a bigger roll, I'd really be incredibly confident.  My numbers aren't locked in though, clearly, and it's fair to question my call here. 

Nonethless - it's the biggest play of bowl season.  Good luck.


Blog said...

I hope for your sake that the game goes into overtime.

Blog said...

Congratulations, you got it! I hope for your sake CMU wins the toss, gets a touchdown, and stuffs Troy.

Blog said...

Well, I guess CMU didn't have to win the toss. Everything is going your way!

Jim said...

And then it pushed. So close.

Blog said...

I thought that you had it when CMU blocked that field goal, but then they went and got all conservative.

Still, given how LeFevour was having his way down the stretch, I'm shocked that Troy didn't go for two in the first OT, which would have screwed you either way. Be thankful that a gutless coach preserved your push.

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