I Pick Every NFL Game - Week 8.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Overall: 51-51-1.

Ravens -3 Broncos (win)
Bears -13 Browns (win)
Texans -3.5 Bills (win)
Pack -3 Vikes (loss)
Colts -13 Niners (loss)
Dolphins +3.5 Jets (win)
Lions -4 Rams (loss)
Seattle +9.5 Cowboys (loss)
Raiders +16.5 Chargers (win)
Jags +3 Titans (I do not understand this line) (but obviously I should have, loss)
Cards -10 Panthers (loss)
Eagles +1 Giants (win)
Saints -10 Falcons (loss)


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Blog said...

I guess this is what Michael Jackson was talking about being too high to get over and too low to get under.

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