Top 10 Baseball Players of the Decade.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

By WARP3, only regular season is considered.  For an alternate view, see Rob Neyer.

1. Albert Pujols
2. Alex Rodriguez
3. Barry Bonds
4. Mariano Rivera
5. Scott Rolen
6. Carlos Beltran
7. Lance Berkman
8. Johan Santana
9. Jim Edmonds
10. Roy Halladay


Blog said...

I gotta agree with Neyer's opinion on Rivera. If you're only talking about the regular season, then it's hard for me to consider a guy who was a part of less than 5% of the total innings his team played in one of the top ten players of the decade.

Jim said...

Rivera's sort of an exception; my rankings of the top 200 players of all time is closer-light, but Rivera's really high, particularly since post-season isn't considered. I think, more broadly, if there's a side of the current performance analysis discussion that I'm on, it's that pitching is a little underrated.

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