I Pick Every NFL Game - Week 14

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Win and I'm in the fantasy football playoffs - and a decision has to be made right now - Roethlisberger or Flacco?  It's a weather motivated conundrum; if not for the weather in Cleveland I'd just say Ben.  But I think I have the advantage with my matchup, and a fairly certain moderate game from Flacco may be worth passing up Ben's upside to avoid a TD free windswept evening.  I haven't decided.  I'm leaning Ben.  Fortune favoring the brave and whatnot; generally, I avoid gripping about the weather. (edit - well, that was error)

First week without the burden of winning college games (19 over .500 the final total for the regular season, 5 over .500 in my weekly locks, and a contest win that will probably find its way into this week's Tendown) so now we're headed over .500 for good in the NFL.

(unrelated - Dear Brian, please sign Nick Johnson.  Thank you.)

Steelers -10 Browns (loss)
Saints -9 Falcons (loss)
GB -3 Chicago (win)
NYJ -3 TB (win)
Jax -3 Miami (loss)
Ravens -13.5 Detroit (win)
Houston -6 Seattle (win)
Indy -7 Denver (win)
Buffalo over KC (win)
Vikes -6.5 Bengals (win)
NE -13.5 Panthers (loss)
Wash -1 Oakland (win)
Titans -13 Rams (win)
SD +3 Dallas (win)
NYG -1 Eagles (loss)
Niners +3.5 Cards (win)



Blog said...

Not gonna hold you to this but: any thoughts on Army vs Navy?

Jim said...

Navy's giving like 13 - gun to my head I think they cover, they're a lot better.

adwords said...

Maybe we should hold guns to your head more often? Figurative ones, I mean.

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