And Not a Moment Too Soon - Week 14 College Football Picks

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Just a Weekly Five this week as we end the regular season.  I will pick every bowl game.
Houston -2.5 ECarolina (loss)
West Virginia + 1.5 Rutgers (win)
Alabama +5.5 Florida (win)
UConn -7 SFlorida (loss)
Wisconsin -12.5 Hawaii (win)

Final Regular Season: 76-57-2
Final Locks: 9-4

You could do worse. 

1 comment

Anonymous said...

"Wisconsin -12.5 Hawaii"

You are a stubborn old coot, aren't you?

Never bet for the team that has nothing to gain, when the opposition has everything to gain. No way Hawaii is allowed to lose this game.

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