2009-10 College Bowl Picks

Friday, December 18, 2009

During the season, I picked my ten favorite plays each week, virtually all of them I thought were good plays; this is not that, here, I'm picking every game.  Some are better plays than others, but this is more about completion. Good luck

New Mexico: Fresno St. -10.5 Wyoming (loss, off to a helluva start)
St. Petersburg: Rutgers -2.5 UCF (win)
New Orleans: S. Miss -3.5 MTenn St (loss)
                      Under 57.5 (loss)
Las Vegas: Oregon St. -2.5 BYU (loss)
Poinsetta: Cal -3 Utah (loss)
Hawaii: SMU +15.5 Nevada (win)
Little Caesars: Ohio -2.5 Marshall (loss)
Meinke: Pitt -1 UNC (win)
Emerald: USC -7 BC (win)
Music City: Clemson -7.5 UK (win)
Independence: Georgia -7 A&M (win)
Eaglebank: Temple +4 UCLA (Loss)
Champs Sports: Miami -3 Wisconsin (loss)
Humanitarian: BGreen -1.5 Idaho (loss)
Texas: Navy +6.5 Missouri (win)
Holiday: Arizona -1 Nebraska (loss)
Armed Forces: Houston -4.5 AForce (loss)
Sun: Stanford +8 Oklahoma (win)
Insight: Minnesota -2.5 Iowa St (loss)
Chik Fil A: Va Tech -4.5 Tenn (win)
Outback: Auburn -7 Nwestern (loss)
Gator: Fla St. +3 WVA (win)
Capital One: LSU +2.5 Penn St. (win)
Rose: Oregon -3.5 Ohio St. (loss)
Sugar: Cincinnati +13 Florida (loss)
International: NIU +7 SFla (loss)
Papa Johns: UConn +4.5 SCarolina (win)
Cotton: Ole Miss -3 OK St. (win)
Liberty: Arkansas -7.5 ECarolina (loss)
             Under 63.5 (win)
Alamo: TTech -7 Mich St.(win)
Fiesta: Boise +7 TCU (win)
            Under 55 (win)
Orange Iowa +4 Georgia Tech (win)
GMAC: Central Mich -3 Troy (push)
            Under 63 (loss)
National Title: Alabama -4 Texas (win)


Blog said...

Congratulations to Iowa State, beating Minnesota for the first time in 111 years!

Blog said...

Texas has pulled to within three. Looks like you're stuck hoping for overtime again.

Blog said...

Or hope that Bama forces an interception, like that.

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