The Shotgun

Monday, November 23, 2009

First Half: Alex Smith, 3/7  5 yds  3 sacks  17 offensive plays/6 shotgun
Second Half: Alex Smith 13/26  222 yds. 3 TD/1int  0 sacks  29 offensive plays/28 shotgun

I'm unsure why this is complicated.  We're 4-6.  There's no pressure to win a title this year, contend for a title this year, or even back into a wild card spot. 

Open up the offense.  Jesus. 

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Blog said...

You don't think that the fact that GB was up 23-3 at the half had anything to do with the coverage being looser in the second half?

It's not like the Packers were ever really threatened from that point on, shotgun or not.

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