I Pick Every NFL Game - Week 9

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


My long, slow march to losing the vig continues. 

Jags -6.5 Chiefs (argh - look, I would have told you a week ago that Jags +3 Titans was my favorite NFL line of the year, and that went against me by 4 scores, so laying this much wood seems like error, but there you go) (loss)
Ravens -3 Bengals (loss)
Indy -9 Tex (loss)
Redskins +10 Falcons (loss)
GBay -10 TB (loss)
Arizona +3 Bears (win)
NE -10 Miami (push)
Saints -13.5 Panthers (loss)
Seattle -10 Lions (I'm leaning toward taking Seattle in the two suicide pools I'm in; yes, I'm aware.)(win)
Niners -4 Tennessee (loss)
San Diego +4.5 NYG (win)
Philly -3 Dallas (loss)
Denver +3 Pittsburgh (this is the line I like this week; do with that what you will) (loss - that's what you should have done with it)


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