I Pick Every NFL Game - Week 12

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Looks like I was a week early in the concussion talk; the NFL announced over the past week a policy change, requiring some level of outside consultation in determing the nature of the head trauma suffered by the players.  How seriously the league will (or can) take this is up in the air; Roethlisberger and Warner both took head blows last week and very deftly their organizations refused to specifically attach the word concussion to the results.  The plan is for Ben to play (he's my QB on the only of my 3 fantasy teams that still has reasonable playoff hopes; I have to decide between he and Flacco) I don't think there's a Warner decision yet (I remain a Leinart fan; I'd like to see him get a couple of weeks behind center).  With the collective bargaining agreement coming due soon and the cultural wheel on head injuries turning a little bit, it will be interesting to see how football balances what is, essentially an almost untenably violent sport with emerging sensibilities on concussions.

Packers -11 Lions (win)
Cowboys -13.5 Raiders (win)
Denver +7 NYG (win)
Colts -3.5 Texans (win)
Bengals -14 Browns (loss)
Redskins +9 Eagles (win)
Buffalo +3 Miami (win)
Ravens -2.5 Steelers (win)
Arizona +.5 Titans (loss)
Seattle -3 Rams (win)
Atlanta -12 Tampa (loss)
Jets -3 Panthers (win)
Niners -3 Jags (win)
Chargers -13.5 Chiefs (win)
Vikes -10 Bears (win)
NE +3 Saints (loss)

My worst college week and my best NFL week.  What a difference a day makes

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