Yanks in 7

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What? You want reasons? I don't in any sense of the word have time for that.

But Yanks in 7.

Friday I'll get the weekly picks out. By end of tomorrow, I hopefully will have the Survivor Series 2k8 build finished at the other place.

Yanks in 7 (but they might lose tonight). Go, be in peace.

(as I sort of anticipated in a couple of posts, the Yanks lost the first game; the only surprise for me actually is one that aids NYY - that was Lee pitching the ninth - in a series where your plan going in is to pitch Cliff Lee 3 times, maybe he doesn't go back out there with a 6-0 lead.  Just sayin'.)


Blog said...

In the Counterfactual world, did Counterfactual Ricky Steamboat just sign with Counterfactual TNA?

Jim said...


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