The Weekly 10 - 10 College Football Picks, Week 7

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Overall: 40-20
Locks: 6-0

Last week was my first loser of the season (4-6, although, I did win my lock of the week, and if you're investing smartly, that's going to mean a push, but either way) and it's caused me to tweak the system a little bit. 

I'm picking 20 games and not ten.  Twenty!  Twenty!  Twenty!

Okay, I'm just picking ten for the blog, but I'm beta testing, if you will, an additional ten picks - just to play around with something.  It might be that I expand the number of games I'm picking going forward.

BC -2.5 NC St (win)
Indiana +3 Illinois (win)
Michigan St. -13.5 Northwestern (loss)
Virginia -3.5 Maryland (win)
Air Force -10.5 Wyoming (loss)
Utah St. +8 Nevada (win)
Alabama -17 South Carolina (loss)
Miami -14 Central Florida (win)
Utah -16 UNLV (win)
Lock: Pitt -4 Rutgers (win)

Week: 7-3
Overall: 47-23
Locks: 7-0


adwords said...

What's the line on Michigan vs Delaware State? If DSU gets more than 30, I'd have to say they are a lock.

Jim said...

There isn't one. I mean, someone might be taking action, but I'm unaware of it.

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