The Weekly Ten - Week 4 College Football Picks

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Overall: 21-9
Locks: 3-0

Missouri -7 Nevada (win)
Vandy -7 Rice (win)
Wyoming +3.5 UNLV (win)
Florida -21.5 Kentucky (win)
N Illinois -17 Idaho (loss)
BYU -17 Col St. (win)
Notre Dame v. Purdue (under 60) (win)
Cal v. Oregon (under 58) (win)
UL-Monroe +3.5 FAU (win)
Lock: Ohio St -14 Illinois (win)

Week: 9-1.
Overall: 30-10.  Locks: 4-0.

Consider following me around the countryside.


Blog said...

Will you be able to provide food for the multitudes that worship your mighty .750 average?

Jim said...

Shoot, at 20 games over .500, people are eating good if they've been following so far.

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