Your Athlete of the Month - July (yes, July 2009), And Athletes of the Year 1990-2008

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm in the process of shifting the blogs from the old place back over to the new/old place; so if you've stumbled over here via general search and are unfamiliar with the deal, you'd find it curious to read my prediction about the 2008 election, for example (hey, I didn't say the revelations would come before the events.  You think I'm some sort of Nostrprognosticator or somethin'?)

Since January of 1990, I've recorded an Athlete of the Month (actually, I started about 10 years before, but the records I've manged to keep from my misspent, largley solitary youth, only go back to January 10 1990).  I'm sort of systematic - I pick an athlete each week (48 weeks in the year, I fudge a little when needed) an athlete each month (never repeating the same athlete in the same year) and then an athlete of the year.

For July - your Athlete of the Month is Mark Buehrle (is Wise's catch the greatest defensive play in a perfect game in MLB history?)

Runners Up - Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Georges St. Pierre

Previous Winners for 2009:
January - Larry Fitzgerald
February - Santonio Holmes
March - Maya Moore
April - LeBron James
May - Lionel Messi
June - Roger Federer

Previous Winners:
1990 - Joe Montana
1991 - Michael Jordan
1992 - Mario Lemieux
1993 - Michael Jordan
1994 - George Foreman
1995 - Hakeem Olajuwon
1996 - Michael Jordan
1997 - Tiger Woods
1998 - Mark McGwire
1999 - Tiger Woods
2000 - Tiger Woods
2001 - Barry Bonds
2002 - Barry Bonds
2003 - Lance Armstrong
2004 - Peyton Manning
2005 - Reggie Bush
2006 - Roger Federer
2007 - Tom Brady
2008 - Usain Bolt

I haven't posted the monthly/weekly breakdowns for previous years, but I suppose they are available upon request.  Please call before you stop by.


Blog said...

It was an awesome game, and Buehrle is now probably closer than anyone else in history to throwing multiple perfect games. But I think that Sanchez actually had the more impressive pitching performance, and if Guillen doesn't sub in Wise to make the greatest catch in the history of perfect games, it's not even a shutout, and Buehrle is not even a consideration.

I would go with Contador, for his truly dominant Tour de France performance (and assumed ultimate triumph) throughtout the month. I wouldn't argue with a selection of Tom Watson either, except that our society only honors winners.

Jim said...

I just edited in, coincidentally, the thought that Wise's catch might be singular.

Perfect game's too rare for me not to go with it - if Pujols wins the triple crown he's gonna get my athlete of the year even if he doesn't have the best WARP score in MLB.

I don't inherently disagree with any of this though.

Blog said...

So if Uribe did not commit the worst error in the history of no-hitters, would Sanchez have gotten the nod? Or would there have been co-athletes of the month?

Jim said...

Never had co winners before, so I would not have done that. Buehrle's had a much better rest of the month than Sanchez.

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