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Sunday, July 19, 2009

No, not the Erin Andrews clip. 'Cause that would be wrong.  Wrong and not disappointing even a little bit. 

But wrong.  So...wrong.

But this - go get this -

Greenwald/Todd Torture Podcast

A must download.

Additionally, the US government somehow, shamelessly, has condemned the actions of someone else as violative of international law. Think Progress. My brother thinks the unintended consequence of giving Sanford and Ensign (and Craig and Vitters) a pass on their current sexual scandals is that gives Democrats a future amnesty for the same behavior; I think he's wrong, our hypocrisy bucket is bottomless. The next Democrat who cheats on his wife will get run out of town.

Oh, the pic from Fox News. I know it's a brain teaser, but can you think of a worker, any worker, who might benefit from a raise in the minimum wage? I know it's difficult, but see if you can beat the graphic.

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