Giants/Phils Preview

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sort of a big series coming up.

Tim Alderson will probably not have the career we (meaning Giants fans) wanted him to 24 hours ago, but I am really surprised we couldn't get more for him than a guy with a career .336 OBP.

I don't hate Sanchez; in the context of the current NL, there really aren't that many better 2B. 

But I thought we could get an actual bat for Alderson.

Phils come in for 4.  Here's how it sets up:

Lincecum, shockingly, has good success against the Phils (Howard 2-9, Rollins 1-11, Utley 2-11, Victorino 4-15). 

They haven't seen Sadowski and there aren't many ABs against Sanchez.  Feliz is 3-12 against Zito, Ibanez 8-47, but Rollins is 4-10 and Utley's 3-5. 

The other way - you know who's had good success against Blanton is Garko - 5-14, 3 bombs.  Winn's 3-10 with 4 walks. Molina however is 2-15 and Uribe's 1-7. 

Molina also hasn't hit Chad Durbin, 1-8, but Uribe's 4-10.  Scott Eyre comes back to the Bay; Edgar is 4-5 against him.  I don't know what they'll do with their rotation, who we'll miss and who sits with Lee coming in - but who it would have been nice to have against Hamels might be Richie, he's 5-12 lifetime.  Renteria and Winn are both 3-14.  Edgar's 4-14 against Lee; Rowand (when's he back?) is 6-22.  Winn (yikes!) should maybe sit against Lee, he's 2-19. Uribe however is 10-35 with 2 homers.  Renteria's never hit Lidge, he's 3-14.  Lopez goes tonight - maybe Molina should sit for Whiteside - he's 1-15 career and Renteria should join hin, he's 2-16 while Uribe's 3-8.  Winn's 2-14.  Lopez is maybe not our best matchup.

We've hit Madson a little bit.  Renteria's 4-9 and Winn's 3-8.  Winn's almost the only guy you want against Moyer (doesn't it seem like the Jamie Moyer's always mean a 6 hit shutout?) Aurilia's 1-12, Molina's 11-48, Renteria's 3-13, Uribe's 2-17.  But Winn is 10-25 and Rowand's 7-18. 

I'd take a split.  Go Giants.     

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