Best SFG RF Ever.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

(a repost of my 2008 ranking, by WARP3, of every RF in SFG history).

2008-06 Randy Winn (23.7)

2005 Moises Alou (10.1)

2004 Michael Tucker (5.2)

2003 Jose Cruz, Jr. (6.9 - his 2003 is the best season so far, working backward - until, you know, the fly ball)

2002 Reggie Sanders (5.4)

2001 Armando Rios (9.7)

2000-1999 Ellis Burks (16.0 - Burks had a 7.5 in 2000, your new leader in the clubhouse)

1998-97 Stan Javier (14.1)

1996-95 Glenallen Hill (7.1)

1994-92 Willie McGee (14.4)

1991-90 Kevin Bass (4.9) Most of our RF, to this point, working backward, were just vaguely disappointing -Winn, Alou, Tucker, Sanders were all just guys, filling the spot, not killing us or doing anything remarkable. You could win with any of their seasons if the strength of your club was elsewhere, like, say, the other corner OF. Cruz had a good year and Burks gave us two good years; Rios, Javier, and GHill weren't good baseball players; you'd put McGee at the end of the first group in his first Giants season and then with this last group the rest of his tenure. Actually, McGee and Javier were pretty similar Giants. McGee had two good years in his whole career and if he's smart, he's spending his retirement in St Louis reveling in both of them. But Kevin Bass was bad. Really, really bad. Cringeworthy bad.

1989-87 Candy Maldonado (16.1 - every 16 years a Giants RF has to botch a fly ball to take us out of the postseason)

1986-85 Chili Davis (34.3 - Davis put in 7 years; his 7.1 in '84 as a backup was what helped move Jack out of town, as discussed in the previous post)

1984-77 Jack Clark (46.5 - Clark's 9.9 in '78 is the new leader, and, as mentioned in the previous post, where he was named the 184th greatest major league baseball player of all time, his was the highest WARP3 in the NL that year.)

1976-75 Bobby Murcer (9.7 - my first Giants memories, as I've earlier mentioned, are in '77, when I was 6 - I feel no connection to Murcer at all; to me, he was a Yankee - he died just a few weeks ago, had I been born a year earlier, I would have felt that much more strongly than I did.)

1974-68 Bobby Bonds (59.2 - better than Clark, both as a Giant and for his career; Bonds the elder's spot on my list of the 200 greatest players of all time is still to come. His 10.3 in '73 is the new leader as best season for a Giants RF, his 9.9 in '69 was splitting time between CF/RF, pretty much down the middle, so Clark's '78 is still alone as 2nd best - but then Bonds comes back at 3rd and 4th and 5th best seasons so far for RF with his 9.3 in '71, 9.2 in '70, and 8.2 in '72. Bobby Bonds was a better Giants RF than Jack Clark.)

1967-66 Ollie Brown (3.4)

1965-64 Jesus Alou (7 -- as discusses in the post ranking Alou as one of the worst players in MLB history, this 7 is more than half of Alou's career value, earned in 7 seasons as a Giant. The plate appearances he sucked up are a key reason why Willie Mays never won a title in San Francisco.)

1963-61 Felipe Alou (23.4 - just when Felipe reached a point where he was acceptable, hitting 6.0+ WARPs, we moved him to the Braves)

1960-58 Willie Kirkland (13.5)

So - Bobby Bonds now joins Jeff Kent in the lineup for the All-Time San Francisco Giants; he's the starting RF. Behind him for career SF WARP are Clark, Davis, Winn and FAlou

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