Top 200 Major League Baseball Players Ever, #199 CHET LEMON

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

#199 CHET LEMON CF White Sox/Tigers
OPS+ 120
BFW 18.5
WARP3 98.3

Like Cey, a player from the 70s and 80s who you would not automatically think of as being one of the 200 best major league baseball players ever - like Cey, Lemon's value was overlooked because of the offensive spike which followed his career and a lack of awareness of the value of defense. Lemon also spent his career pretty far outside the baseball media centers; Lemon had a 9.8 WARP3 for that '84 Tiger team that won 104 games and the WS - second highest to Trammell (11.1) - that was a helluva team; Trammell, Whitaker, and Evans all oughta be in the HOF with Lemon in the next tier - and then Parrish (87.2 career WARP3) and Morris (85.0) at the next level. Throw in Gibson and a career year from Willie Hernandez (9.0 WARP3) and that's just a great, great team. If you started asking even hardcore Tiger fans who had the best seasons from their WS team - I wonder how many would be able to place Chet Lemon second. It is an absolute coincidence, literally with no massaging whatsoever, that next on the list, at #198, is going to be Bob Lemon.

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