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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Okay, so here's the thing.

I'm moving the blog down the street. Down the street there's a new building in what appears to be a better location. It's not as pretty as here, with the colors and the pictures and the whatnot, but it's got more foottraffic.

And it would be nice, you know, to make a dollar or two.

Probably, over the first few days, I'll just be importing whatever posts from here I want to take with me; including, obviously, my countdown of the 200 best baseball players ever, and then it'll be back to normal, posting when I can. Coming soon, as I just did the research and am ready to fire, the 20 Worst Major Leaguers Ever, as requested by a reader.

So - I'm gonna pack the boxes, turn on the utilities, maybe meet a neighbor or two and settle in.

Who knows? It might be good. Right? Right?


Blog said...

So how did that turn out for you?

trung said...


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