The Greatest Major League Baseball Players Ever, #198-197, KEN BOYER AND ANDRUW JONES

Monday, May 26, 2008

#198 KEN BOYER - 3B Cardinals
OPS+ 116
BFW 20.4
WARP3 99.3
Had the glove you think with a slightly better bat; just a good, solid ballplayer; he made the list instead of Ron Cey

#197 ANDRUW JONES - CF Braves
OPS+ 112
BFW 21.6
WARP3 92.6
Active ballplayers are going to get a bump on the list, not an excessive one, as it's not a projected list for the rest of their career, but a reflection of where they are at time of writing; but, you know, I am a farsighted decider, and within the possible range in which a player could fall, guys with more value left get the benefit of the doubt.
Jones's benefit is smaller than would it have been 18 months ago, but don't miss that his earlier career glove was very, very valuable. He's here instead of similar glove based CF like Kenny Lofton and Chet Lemon.

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