Let's Play Hoops! 12-16-09

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Overall: 3-3

For whomever it is that (wisely) considered my college football advice this season, I don't have the same level of confidence about hoops (at least not yet).  I did this last year, really for the first time on a daily or nearly daily basis and went about .500.  If I start to get hot, consider hopping aboard.  Right now, for example, I seem sort of locked in on the NFL.  I wouldn't anticipate feeling the same level of confidence about this for awhile.

My bowl picks will be Friday.  I may pick them both against the number and note if I have a different outright winner in any given game for those of you in confidence pools.  We'll see. 

SFla -7.5 UCF (loss)
Richmond + 5 SCarol (loss)
Ohio over Ill. St. (win)
Ore St. -4 Ill Chi. (loss)
NCol -11 UL-Mon (push)
Ark-LR v. SAla over 135.5 (win)


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